Am I being a snob?


After 2 years of trying I've been accepted to do a PhD which wasn't easy since I have a 2.2. The University in question however has a bad reputation and is at the extreme lower end of all the league tables. My 2.2. has been a huge barrier for me, and I was counting on a PhD to help raise my employability in the academic world. I am worried that going to this particular University may not help as it is viewed so badly. They are the only place to accept me though. Any advice?

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Before you start worrying too much, find out what the reputation of your new supervisor is within his or her field (how many papers have they published and in which journals, etc). This will probably be more important than the university itself. Depending on your subject area, it is likely that you won't be able to progress in academia without a PhD, so if that's what you want to do, you should probably take what's available.


Don't worry too much at this moment. Maybe I can tell you my experience. I have got a 2(ii) many years ago. Then I have done a MSC while was working. Now I am finishing my PhD in B***** University in West London. It is not a prestige University. Ah employment! I have just got a job interview a month ago although I have not got the job. But things are looking up.