Another paper request - sorry!!

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Models for leaching of porous materials, 1997
Pierre Moszkowicz(1), Radu Barna(1), (2), Florence Sanchez(1), Hae Ryong Bae(1) and Jacques Mehu(2)
(1)LAEPSI, INSA, Lyon, 20 av A Einstein, 69621 Villeurbanne, France
(2)POLDEN, INSAVALOR, BP 2132, 69603 Villeurbanne, France

If anybody can get this it would be great!



per ScienceDirect looks like it's part of a book series so I couldn't access, I tried two libraries - sorry


sorry. also looked trough libraries. No chance.


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Hi, I can get it, it seems.

Edit: yep, I sent you an email.

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Thanks everyone -SBCC got it for me in the end.

I've voted you all as helpful users :-)