Anxiety: post-full draft and pre-submission


So I start a 4 day per week research job in 4 weeks time at a new institution. I have a full draft of the thesis and feedback to work through in order to get my thesis submission ready (hopefully around the same time I start my new job!). The start date for the job should be motivating if anything but instead I find myself anxious and procrastinating. I set myself goals but if/when I don't reach them I tend to beat myself up about it. I've come this far, I now have 4 weeks lefts of full time writing, I don't know what is up with me and why I can't just pull myself together and get on with the re-drafting! :(

Has anyone else been here and any advice?

Thanks for reading.



I am in a similar position but I have to finish by the end of May (but I work part time). How about an accountability thread - you could post here how many words you manage and I could do the same?


Ditto - September is my final deadline. I am working 2.5 days atm - it's hard, I try to write whenever I can, often working late into the night. We can do this...


Thanks both, sometimes I feel like the only one with crazy tight deadlines! An accountability thread is a great idea timefortea :)

I've spent the morning sorting some admin and now making a coffee ahead of the writing!

Word count 0. Aim for the day is to finish 3 incomplete sections of one chapter, around 1000 words in total. I will post again at the end of today :)


Well you are doing better than me! I haven't done anything since my last post - mix of childcare, illness, work and general busyness getting in the way. Hopefully will have something better to post tomorrow!