Any advice on preparation for job interviews


Hi all,

I need your advice. My university is hiring several teaching fellows and I am interested in submitting one job application. The job advertisement states that newly-hired teaching fellows are mainly responsible for teaching undergraduate courses. But I am not familiar with some of the courses because I never took any of them at all. I would plan to read through some of the courses that I am not so familiar with from the university website so that I have a general idea of what to cover in those courses. What else should I do to prepare well for my interview? Do you have any useful tip or experience to share with me? Thanks a lot.


If you are not interested in the courses or are not willing to learn them all, then you wouldn't do much justice to the position and might find it difficult in the interview. But if you are interested or willing to learn, then nothing like it. If the interview date is close by, you could do some broad framework readings on the course. If you have time, then you could read the best/popular books and research papers. You could go a step ahead, pick some concepts, and do an in-depth study(discussing it in the interview would be an added advantage). The interview panelists would definitely know you're a fresher, experience and firm grip over the subject is not what they'd be looking for. Rather they would be looking for your knowledge(limited), communication, and interest in the subject. So, if you can communicate your knowledge and express your interest, you should do well. All the best!