Any One with Terrible Graduate Grades?


I graduated with a terrible GPA of 2.17 in the field of Mechanical Engineering. After passing my Post Graduate Diploma with flying colors i was given addmission to Masters in Energy Systems.I completed by masters with a GPA of 3.94. I really want to get by Phd in renewable energy. Is there any university in the world which can accept me. I know i can do it.


I'm afraid I have no idea as I assume it's an American thing? I do know of one woman in my Uni in the UK.. she got a third at her BSc degree and manged to go straight onto a PhD as she got permission from the dean of the university and her supevisor agreed she would be able to do it.

Most of the time, if you get bad BSc grades, you have to do the Masters to 'prove' you are up to it - if you get a bad MSc grade I'm not sure what you would do - talk to your supervisor and try and prove you are capable? however.. I guess the question they will ask is, if you *are* capable, why did you get a bad grade? The woman I mentioned had health problems on top of family issues, therefore she cited that as the reason for her bad grades..


PC_Geek's right. I know of similar stories; if you search through the threads (search for "Third"; the UK equivalent, I assume) and you'll find them.