Anyone else enjoying their PhD?


Ive just started my phd and all this talk of people quitting makes me worry I wont be able to finish. Ive been really enjoying my phd so far and I was wondering how many other people are still enjoying it as they near the end?


I'm six months into mine - and enjoy it tremendously. I love the fact that I have a job (I do treat my Ph.D. as a job) that is interesting, stimulating and satisfying. Love the fact that I can finally devote my time to doing research and reading; plus have a very OK supervisor. So there must be one or two people out there who are happy with their Ph.Ds. On the other hand, I can see how this forum can serve as a place to vent all possible frustrations, maybe this is why there's less positive stuff.


Im 18 months in and also absolutely love it. Ive never once regretted it, and its the best thing I've ever done. Although i like to have the odd whinge, everyday i thank my lucky stars to be in such a privileged position, doing something i love.


I see my PhD as akin to a relationship or the process of raising a child - it'll have its ups and downs - but sooner or later my abby will take its first steps (I'll finish the first chapter) and I'll be pleased.


i loves it! :D


I'd rather have the 5 million quid.


Can't knock it. Excellent so far (and I gave up work to do this)!

Highly recommend it to aspirants out there!


I gave up a decently paid job to do my PhD and have no regrets so far (12 months in). The only time I have been a bit negative is when I am unsure as to what I am meant to be doing, so as when I should write papers etc.

In what other job can you have a short afternoon nap


It is always ups and downs:))It is my 3rd year of PhD. There have been moments when I have seriously been thinking about giving it up and been really bored, unmotivated. And thre have been moments when I have really enjoyed it.


I'm 18 months in now and really enjoying it, although I'm not looking forward to writing up


I'm happy; it's like being paid for your hobby.


juno>>I'm happy; it's like being paid for your hobby.



What does "ding" mean?


Anyone who says they are enjoying their PhD obviously isn't into the 'write up' phase (... or has yet to put pen to paper)!!!

I'm with golfpro on this one ... 5 million quid would be a lot more enjoyable!