Anyone else have trouble with industrial partners?


OMG Juno, they are really taking the piss. This isn't right at all. What does your supervisor think?


Hi H;

Glad you think so too! My supervisor's pretty busy today so I've told him briefly: he isn't keen on the idea (unless we can employ someone part-time to do the work, but that will cost money and I guess the sponsors won't want to spend any more). When he has more time I'll ask him at more length if we have the right to refuse, under the terms of the contract. I don't mind doing a bit of extra analysis, but not tons.


It sounds like you are doing too much as is it!


Well, my 1st supervisor thinks we should refuse, on the grounds that by using a PhD student for their analysis rather than employing a technician, they have already saved themselves a lot of money (as the technician would demand higher wages).

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REFUSE!!!! They must know they are taking the micky! I have been cheating on my partner :$ been chatting up some other potential research avenues elsewhere ;-)


Ha ha! Good on you. I am thinking of ways to fund myself when (if) my PhD finishes, and I am definitely not going with these people. Reluctant to go with industry full stop now. It's not even like they put a lot of money in; most came from a government grant. They made a much smaller contribution.

They're just so pushy; which may be a necessary characteristic of business men/women but it's annoying for the rest of us.


Here's my 2p worth of complains.. I don't have the same problem with my industrial partner like you, but a much bigger one. I'm sponsored by Honeywell and they're a notably quite big international company. This recession must have hit them "hard" and they cut my stipend from 15000GBP to just 4000GBP for this year. Sigh...(down)