Anyone know how examiners read a thesis?


I'm writing my thesis now, but I wonder which part they usually focus on? Do they read the results and discussion chapters more careful than the things before them? Will they read my experimental methods carefully? I mean, do I have to dig out every detail of my experiments and write them down? Is it worth it? I hope I don't need to spend too much time writing every detail. If they don't read it carefully, then I shouldn't waste my time write a very detailed thesis.


Hello, it may vary depending on discipline, but the overall advice is they can focus on absolutely everything. It also depends on the examiner's own interests and expertise. For example, I know I'm likely to be questioned on my epistemology/ontology. You need to clearly explained what you did, why you did it, how you did it, and what you found/what this means. I started by writing everything - I couldn't submit it as it would have been enough content for 2 thesis! I then went through and made it concise and clear. I then removed bits I felt were too explanatory and not adding to the thesis.