anyone with a chemistry brain unlike me?!


ok i know im an idiot but i cant get my head around this simple idea of pmols. can anoyone help me.

i have 0.01mM and 0.1mM solution how many pmols per ul is this?
i know i must seem stupid but ive sat here to 30 mins trying to get my stupid head around it !!!



Don't worry, it usually takes me ages to work things like that out!

Basically, 1mM = 1mmol per litre or 0.001mmol per ml or 0.000001mmol per ul
If you then multiply by the correct factor to get to pmol (in this case 1000(to get to umol) x 1000(to get to nmol) x 1000 (to get to pmol) = 100 000 000 total)

Sooooo, 1mM = 1000pmol/ul

i think that's right!! Does it make sense???