Applying for a PsyD: what does "A/AS Level" mean?


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I am applying for a Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology in the UK. In the application I am required to list any A/AS Level qualification I posses, but I am not sure what school course/university degree corresponds to it in the Italian education system! Anybody can help with that?

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A/AS level are the exams we take at 18 in England and Wales. We finish mandatory education at 16 (these exams are GCSEs). Not sure what this equates to in Italy.

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in the uk we take A levels at the end of our final year at school (at the age of 18). we usually take exams in three or four different subjects, so you would leave school with 3 or 4 A levels as a qualification. as an alternative, there are also AS levels, that are the equivalent of half an A level, so you could have 6 or 7 AS levels instead of a number A levels (ie. 1 A level = 2 AS levels).

these are roughly equivalent to the international baccalaureate system, and they are the last exams you take before you start at university.

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Hi, thanks for your replies!

In our system we have elementary school (at 6-11 yrs), middle school (around 12-14 yrs) - that was mandatory school when I attended it (now things are changed and age has raised to 18 yrs old). After that we have Liceo (secondary school) and, at the end of it, a state exam that is the prerequisite to access university courses...

As far as I understand A level corresponds to our Liceo....? :$


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we have primary school (4/5 - 11 years), then secondary school (11-16 years), after which we can leave school or continue on to a college or sixth form (16-18 years). we take GCSE exams at the end of secondary school at 16, then A and AS levels at college/sixth form at 18 years.

so although the structure is different, the exams you take at the end of Liceo are equivalent to A or AS levels, as they are a prerequisite for university.


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A-levels are the equivalent to the maturità, I believe - all though don't take my word for it as my son is only in materna!