Approaching supervisors with a research project


I found some people in the area of study i wish to do a phd, but to ask them to become my supervisor, do i need an outline of my phd project; the problem is that i have no defined topic, does anyone have some idea on colours?


i have been told that if i cant get a proposed project with scholarship, than i should discuss directly with a professor to design together a potential topic for a future phd, but how to carry out this approach ? cheers


How can i contact a supervisor saying I am interesting in its field of reasearch but with no specified topic for a project, especially because i am fairly new in this field, having studied slightly different, more general backgrounds, but have the interest to learn new things with the ability to adapt easily; does it matter?

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In the subject areas coverered by FindAPhD a supervisor will generally have one or more research projects for which he or she has funding. If you write expressing interest in their area of research they will tell you what, if any, projects they currently have available.