appropriate way to say thanks to the external examiner


hi all, I was wondering how "rude" it can be if I did not prepare a gift to the external examiner of my thesis after the viva? I do my phd study in the UK, which means I didn't know the external examiner until at the viva.

I passed my viva about three weeks ago, just the week prior to the Christmas last year; I didn't give gifts to any thesis committee member on the day of the viva. I however did so to thank them by taking the xmas and new year gift chance, getting my supervisor, the internal examiner and the convenor -- each of them -- a box of chocolate and giving it to them in person. I did want to send something similar to my external examiner, but considering he's working in a different university that is in another city far away and that I don't know him well, I thought it'd be excessive if i posted a box of chocolate (or even a card) to him. I then emailed with greeting instead. But upon reflection, it appeared to myself that I should've also get some gift to the external.


I did not give any presents to the internal and external examiners after or during my viva,, I did give, however, a present to my supervisor, which was the book I got published based on my thesis. Not sure if it is appropriate to give present to the examiners?


I've not heard of gifts being given to examiners by a student before. I think it's very unusual and it would not be at all rude not to.

I didn't :)


hi vadro - yes, i also thought it might be inappropriate if gave present to the external examiner. I learnt that in other countries, such as US, post viva gift is sort of normal as a social way to appreciate the thesis committee; but I doubt it could be due to the examination approach there. I am not quite sure but it seems to me that in the US the phd examination is a more continuous process, enabling the candidate to know the committee well before the final examination. I think in this sense, gifting is fine and appropriate. But in the UK, and in my personal situation, neither me and even my supervisor met the external before the viva, I don't know how expected it is.


hi BilboBaggins - thanks for the reply. it adds to evidence making me certain that gifts to examiners is not necessary.