Are there any academic alternatives to a PHD?


30 year old male, who is considering applying for a PHD in International Conflict Resolution/Peacekeeping in the next 12 months.

I completed my M.A. studies in 2015, and since then I have been working in Sales Development and Sales jobs in the Tech industry.

In my dream world I will be a University Professor in 5/6 years time teaching conflict dynamics, but I'm aware this isn't necessarily the reality. The next best thing for me would be working in research for a Think Tank, or a journalist for a respectable publication.

I have Google researched this stuff, so it's somewhat redundant asking about it on Reddit, but here we go any ways - Is there any way into Academia without a PHD? Is there some route out there that isn't talked about, but is like a hidden gem?

Thanks in advance.


I work in a field close to yours. A PhD is unfortunately a bare minimum for the career trajectory you outline. No 'life hacks' for academia unfortunately, it is a grind and can be very difficult. Think carefully before you commit.


I think for someone in your position the answer is basically no. A PhD is the usual entry criteria for academic posts. In the UK you wouldn't start as a prof either, you'd start as a lecturer, well down the pecking order. If you were a high ranking official in something to do with peacekeeping the position might be different re entry, but that doesn't apply to you.


Thanks for the explanation