Are you bored? Fancy doing (yet another) online survey?!!


Hello everyone,

I have been a self-confessed lurker on this site for a while now but decided today's the day I come out of hiding!

This is basically a plea for help with my data collection. I am third year PhD in psychology, due to submit in Sept. All was going swimmingly until I had 2 organisations that had previously agreed to allow me access to potential participants pull out of the agreement. To cut a (very) long story short, the police and a large cancer charity had both agreed to promote my study and assist me with recruitment but very late in the day changed their minds, hence I am now having a complete meltdown.

My research is looking at the psychological impact of stressful or traumatic life events or other emotional upheavals. Part of the final study of the thesis is an online questionnaire and I was wondering whether the good people of this forum might be willing to take part.

Qualifying events include, but are not limited to, unexpected bereavement, serious illness or injury, witnessing or being involved in a car accident, being the victim of a serious crime, being physically or sexually assaulted, traumatic relationship breakdown, or witnessing a loved one experience any of these events (e.g. a parent or child diagnosed with a serious illness). You do not have to currently be experiencing distress to take part - if you have experienced any of these events, even if feel you have recovered from the experience, I would like to hear from you.

The study is completely anonymous, strictly confidential and has had full approval from my institute's ethics committee. You can exit the study at any time. It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

If you would be willing to take part, or would like to know more, go to

Many many many thanks in advance,



Good luck Hannah, hope it all works out :-)


Sounds like murphy's law strikes again. I've completed the questionnaire. Good luck.


Hey! No worries, being in clinical psych myself, I actually quite enjoy doing these sorts of things and having a nosy at what other psychs are doing! Good luck with it, sounds like a cool topic! Best, KB


Good luck. I completed it and hope you get the volume of responses you need.


WOW! Thanks so much guys - I was away from my computer for most of yesterday so just checked my survey site and I'm so chuffed with how many of you have responded. Thank you so much.

You have all made this stressed out PhD-er a very happy girl today

Keep 'em coming!!!

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Good luck, I completed it too, it was interesting to think about my own answers as I was doing it!


Done. :-) Good luck with the research, it looks very interesting!


Good luck Hannah, I hope you get all you need.


Hi All,

Thanks again for the fantastic responses - what a lovely bunch you are :-)

Those of you who have already completed it and who indicated that you would be willing to consider further participation will be getting an email off me today regarding participation in the next stage. It would be fab if you were able to take part in the follow-on phase, but don't worry if you are too busy - I know how hectic PhD life is so finding 20 minutes to spare is often impossible (and when I find 20 minutes to spare I like to spend it drinking tea and eating biscuits and doing nothing that requires my brain!).

Thanks again for the support,