argh! is it possible to write 8,000 words in four days?


Argh! Assuming I don't spend all my time on here - reckon I can write 8,000 words in four days? I am hoping I can!!!!!


That's a pretty tough target you've set yourself (I think 500 - or 800 if you are 'on one' - words a day is realistic).

Think 'quality' not 'quantity'!

Why have you set yourself this target?


I would agree, perfectly "do-able" but difficult. I tend to write in spurts so I would maybe do that amount over 3 days but then very little for weeks.

I'm sure a good pot of coffee will aid things :-_




am also writing 15, 000 by Friday and I believe I'll finish. i've done about 8, 000. i've got another 7, 000 to go. planning to get going tonight. i'll be stuck at my desk til Friday.

go for it - you can!


Tend to agree with BB. I'm sure you can physically turn out 8000, 15000, or indeed more words by Friday but at what cost to quality. Yes you may well finish, but the question is will it be any good? I think unless the writing in question necessitates great swathes of (easy to write) descriptive content the answer will be probably not.


I was always told you can write 1,000 decent words a day max (I am currently averaging one crap word a day max)


At the end of my thesis writing up period, I was writing about 1000 words of text per day (9am -5pm). I type quick (at about 50wpm), and felt drained afterwards. I think 15,000 words in 4 days is a high target and will probably require a few late nights, and will necessitate some serious relaxing afterwards.


Oops, I mis-read it as 15000, I think 8000 words is achievable in 4 days if you already know the source material and can get focussed.


I don't think so. As GolfPro said above, quality is likely to suffer. After all we are talking about a doctorate and not some school essay.

IMO, 600 words good quality are a realistic target (per day).


Thanks for your varied comments. Hmm, I shall have to see how it goes. I think I can do it. I hope!!!


you can do it actually and afterwards you wont want to write for a few days


i think tsipat has a point. sprints might work out for a while but the thesis i think is more like a can also of it as being healthy eating versus bulimia...


i guess the person who knows whether writing 8,000 quality words is one who has done it before - in my experience it can be done. ofcourse you have to know your stuff before hand. if you've done the reading, then 4 days is a very long time.


It's definitely possible if you can actually stay focussed during the 4 days. For my honours dissertation I wrote 15,500 words in two days and got an 'A' for it and a first overall. But then I find that I work much better when under serious pressure - for some reason I focus a lot better in this way. BUT I never found anybody like that apart from me in my entire undergraduate degree. Some people write a lot better in bursts (ie 1000 words one day then nothing, then 3,000 another day etc.), while others seem to prefer the consistant approach (ie 500 words a day every day). Are any of these your usual approach? Either way, let us know how you get on! :)