arrgh..cold, flu,allergy..?? and VIVA


WHAT TO DO? I'm sneezing, can't sleep what to take so that I wont fall asleep on the VIVA or look as if I have hangover in front of examiners!!!!!!:$:-(

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Poor thing!!!

In the daytime you could take sudafed - it definitely doesn't make you sleepy and should dry up your nose if it's runny - just don't take it too close to bed time or it might keep you up.

If you think it's an allergy though you might be better off with an antihistamine like Zirtek maybe.

Ask in the pharmacy anyway - they'll know which things make you sleepy


Thanks Ev, I bought sudafed, beecham, and some allergy thing that is non-drowsy. Had a shower in the evening and it had a good effect. runny nose is fine. it all kicks up at night. anyway all medicine to the rescue, although I'm not going to take beecham now. sudafed in the morning and allergy tab at night would do.