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Please, do anybody have access to this article,

The European Court of Human Rights - Universalist Aspirations of Protection in the Middle of the Edge of Occupation
Author: Edwards, Susan S.M.
Source: Denning Law Journal, 2010 , pp. 145-171(27)
Publisher: University of Buckingham Press


I can access the journal, but only until 2009. Are you sure this edition has been released?


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Yes I am sure!!


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I can access the Denning Law Journal as well (per my Library's electronic journals), via Hein Online Law Journal Library, but also only up as far as 2009 - sorry:-(


Hi Emaa,

Here you go:

Hopefully you can get this (just select 'free download') but if not let me know and I'll try something else. :-)

Best wishes,
seven :-)


HI fellows...
Thanks for accessing the article as i need it very badly in my project and there is very little time left to complete the project.Thanks again it really benefited me a lot.