Articles request



Sorry for requesting 3 Articles in the same time, but I live in Switzerland and the journals do not exist here.

1- Has Ireland done Enough to Prevent Extraordinary Rendition?, Irish Law Times, 122- 128, Vol. 72, 2009
2. Convicts in Air: Implementation by CIA of the Extraordinary Rendition Programme in European Territory: Special Reference to Spanish Practice, Fernando Lozano Contreras, Spanish Yearbook of International Law, 51- 79, Vol. 12, 2008.
3- International Rule of Law: Extraordinary Rendition, Complicity and its Consequences, Philippe Sands , European Human Rights Law Review, 408- 421. Vol. 11, 2006. Although this journal exists here but this volume does not.:-(



Hi, I cannot get the first two either, but I have access to the European Human Rights Law Review. Drop me a PM with your email.


Hi Emaa

I managed to get the ILT (2009) article; I can send it to you if you want to pm me your email id.

I couldn't get the Spanish Yearbook I'm afraid as 2007/2008 not fully available yet where I'm at - sorry about that.