Asking for a favor to fill in my Master Thesis survey


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Hi everybody,

I am a Master students at the School of Economics and Management (Lund University) and I am conducting a brief anonymous survey for the Master Thesis to study about user's privacy and risk taking on Social Networking Communities. If you could take five minutes to fill out the survey below, it would be invaluable help to me.

Here is a link to the survey:

Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it.



filled one out for you ..hope it helps... and best of luck for ur thesis... i am kinda stuck with one too hahahahha(up)


Hey KaleG,

thank you so much for your time..and all the best for your thesis too!!


Hey! Me too, I actually quite like filling these things out! Good luck with the proejct! KB


Thank you Keenbean, I really appreciate it..and glad to know to you're enjoying filling in the survey too :)




hi edwin
i also filled it. good luck


Thank you so much for your time and attention, Satchi!!

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Filled one in for you Edwin.

Procrastination at its best!


Thank you, Ev!


Filled out for you. Good luck!

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Hi Cinetune, I filled it in, saying I have a facebook account. I kind of do, its de-activated, but I go into it now and again, about once a month. Sometimes I forget to de-activate it again, so sometimes I have a profile.


Thank you Eska and Blue!


Hi everybody,

Responses have been very warm from this forum.
You guys are awesome.
I am halfway reaching the target of respondents and am truly grateful if some more responses from this forum.

Thanking you all very much :)


I am filling out the survey, but regarding the information I put on my Facebook profile... I have included a lot of those things on my profile, but they are set to be viewed only by people I have accepted. :S