Assessment Center / Interview at BSRT Berlin


I have received an invite to attend an interview for a PhD program at Berlin Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapy (BSRT). I was just wondering how many people get to attend this interview / assessment center.
I am definitely preparing well for this interview that is to take place in Jan 17-19 of 2011.
Since they are paying for my trip and accommodation I am assuming not many people would have got invited.
I am just trying to figure out what are my chances to get selected in that program. Can somebody please help?


hi arunesh
it feels to me like you just need to talk to some friends about this: you're going to germany for an interview!
heres my answer to your question: your chances ARE very good; sure they are

don't have to worry, if you are good, they'll take you :-)

how many days will you stay there? is it your first overseas trip?
have a wonderful time and best of luck
and merry christmas
and yes I've got to get away from my computer HAHAHAAHA
love satchi


Thank you Satchi. I hope I get it. Well, this is not my first trip overseas. I was in US for the past 5 yrs. I just came back to India this past June.
Merry Christmas to you too.



hi arunesh
thats nice! but india is nice too isn't it
India produces a lot precious people; look at the brilliant scientists doctors researchers business-people, most come from India; my dentist is from India too.

don't forget to post back here with GOOD NEWS
all the best
love satchi


i would think it is a 50/50 chance ... if they like you, you will get the job. you are right, that because of all the costs, the pre-selection is rigorous. good luck!!!!