Atlas:ti vs. maual analysis (quali study)


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Hi All! I hope everyone's doing great!

I'm just wondering how those of you that did a qualitative study managed your data. Can anyone vouch that using Atlas ti is better than using traditional methods to analyse data (i.e., transcripts, field notes, documents).

Has anyone here actually used Atlas/ti and if so how did you find it?

...excuse the title- it's supposed to say "manual"...LOL


Hi Reeree111

I've never used Atlas ti before, but I have used computer software (NVivo) on two previous occasions to manage qualitative data.

However this time I was encouraged by my supervisors to literally cut and paste the transcripts. Not only I have found this process much better in terms of exploring and generating themes at a greater depth, as I find the documents much easier to read as they are in my hand compared to on a computer screen, but I have also reorganised the intial themes on several occasions; a process I found difficult before as I didn't want to look at the screen for any longer that I had to! I'm still in the cutting and pasting stage, but I plan to import the transcripts into NVivo once the themes are finalised for storage and for ease when running queries, etc.


Hi RLD1984,

What you said makes a lot of sense. I was thinking of doing the same. My primary reservation however, is that I have 30 transcripts of interviews that were 1 hour or more. Typed up, these transcripts are seems like a lot of cutting:p. I'll def consider using the cutting technique. I'm sure I'll see more holding them in my hand than staring at the pages on the screen.