Backing up data


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Timefortea - in a related topic, you can set up MS Word to automatically save your documents at set intervals. Although it can be annoying as it as good as stalls the machine if the document is large, it can be beneficial (if set at 30 mins intervals, you could time it for the 5-10 min break). That said, the improved AutoRecovery functionality does help in the event of a system crash

Also, as regards general backup, if set up correctly, a simple batch file could take care of performing the backup procedure with one mouse click (DOS still has its uses!!). Anyone with two iotas of logic could compile a quick Copy program, copying from a standard location on C: drive to a USB key. Place a short cut to the program on the desktop and just click on it and it will work away in the background.

"Anyone with two iotas of logic could compile a quick Copy program..." - if only fella!:-)


Ok, was a bit of a generalisation but just assuming that if doing a PhD you'd have the grey matter to get the basics quick enough from doing even a basic search on google ... it was more of a statement of belief in yer abilities, young Grasshopper!

Sorry for the nerdiness ... broke or not broke, I am off out to get a life this weekend!


Hehe, sorry bonzo, no offence implied. Hope you have a nice weekend. :-)


None taken dude - besides, would have deserved a talking down anyways for that display of sad nerdiness. I really have got to stop being so suave and debonair :p

Have a good one yourself and leave the office behind for a few days ... Utd v 'Pool tomorrow with "The Worlds richest club" v Chelsea on Sunday - not bad viewing for the hangover!