Bad Conclusions feeling inadequate can they fail me?


One of my minor corrections was to write a conclusion chapter. But my conclusions are rubbish, my thesis was on some mathematical behaviors, all i did was include my results in the conclusion chapter and write what each one meant, as in one or two sentences. My conclusions arent wrong, they are just very basic and easy. I've written about 5 pages in total - which includes a general summary of the thesis as well as scope for furture work. Do you think they would fail me after submitting these conclusions, considering that the request was to write a conclusion chapter, which i have done?



How about what you would've done differently or what else you could've done that you didn't cover in your thesis?

I think writing about what each result meant in your conclusion is great, but do you think you could pad out the one or two sentences per point to a paragraph each?

For my thesis, I had:
a summary of the thesis (as in 'the thesis of this work is blah blah blah") with justifications to that thesis
a list of major and minor contributions of the thesis
what else I could've done (this was the section the examiners wanted me to add)
The limitations (or applicability) of my work
Future work
last page about how the whole PhD has been for me (as a personal touch).

hope this helps :)


Forgive me if I misunderstood, but how can writing a chapter be a minor correction??


It is really up to the examiners what they define as major or minor corrections. Personally, I think the viva system is very flawed, sometimes unfair, and at the very least needs to be standardized, where possible.

Cakeeater, I wish you all the best.


@pinknumbers - thanks for the tips! I am having issue with whether it should be in the past/present tense as i am writing about what i have studied previously.

@404 - examiners report said it shouldnt take me more than 3 months to complete.


@Delta - I completley agree