Being Single v Having a Partner


I'm applying for a PhD scholarship and am not sure if I should list myself as being single or in a relationship. I would love to be able to bring my bf with me when I go overseas but I don't want to damage my chances of getting the scholarship. Has anyone heard of single candidates being more attractive to scholarship committees than those in a relationship? Or does it really make no difference? This is for a Commonwealth scholarship if that makes any difference.


hi Hopper
I haven't seen "in a relationship" being listed as one of the options for status - it's usually only single, married, divorced

If you are not married yet you haven't become a double so you are single :-)

Oh yes - status does not affect your chances for scholarship application


I agree with Satchi - it won't make any difference.

Sometimes these things are asked just for monitoring purposes and aren't shown to hiring committees and other times they ask these questions because if you bring dependants you get extra stipend.