Best Font for Presentation Handout?

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I'm giving a presentation on thus and need to hand out an info sheet afterwards. Its a non-academic audience. Its basically goign to be 4 key definitions, and some bullet points under each one.

I really don't want to use Arial, TNR, Tahoma, Calibri

Any ideas to make it a little less 'dry'?


Comic sans MS is a nice font that I find both clear and 'non threatening'. It may suit a non-academic audience.

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I like it, although suddenly realised that I am procrastinating by picking the font first before making the handout! D'oh!

Any other ideas welcome - I'll get on and actually do it though lol



I've often been recommended to use a sans-serif font as it is easier to read. I have downloaded free fronts from urban fonts and that is a great website. I'm using sans times new roman for my thesis and I really like to look of it

Font decisions are a great form of procrastination :-)


I like tahoma and use it quite often.


I Agree comic-sans is a nice one, I do a number of non-academic presentations and find people like it. Answering this forum is great way of procrastinating!! LoL




Wingdings (up)


I used comic sans for a rather grand gathering today and it looked cool :-)

I quite like Garamond too, on a higher font point...if I am feeling mellow..

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Wingdings (up)

Thanks Clogs - have you tried the forum on 'you and your wedding' - you can have a lot of fun on there winding up chavvy women who will very much enjoy launching various attacks at you for trolling their site haha.

I'll bear wingdings in mind for other work, but will go with comic sans for this occasion.