Blind Peer reviewing ethical question...


Just wanted to throw this out to the board.

Basically I have an account on I've uploads some links to my work, CV etc. Just general stuff. I have also uploaded the abstracts for the papers I have given at conferences over the last 2 years (about 6).

Now at a conference recently an editor of a journal that I've written reviews for asked me to send a full article version of my presentation (I normally just do a slideshow and speak from a page with bullet-points). So I sent the article. This week I got a notification email from academia saying someone had been reading one of my abstracts and the keywords used were the three main keywords from my article...furthermore from looking at the country that this person was from its more than likely that I actually know the person reviewing the paper...

My question is: is this a big deal? Should I take this stuff down from that website? (I don't think so personally). Does this worry people? Is it an unfair advantage? Is it even an advantage? If it is the person I think it is reviewing it, this person is incredibly ethical and straight down the line. But still...

Any thoughts?