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Hi all:

Hoping that everyone's keeping well. I just wondered if anyone could recommend a particular text book that looks at designing online surveys and questionnaires? More focusing upon what questions to ask and how to phrase them... Any help appreciated!

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There is a chapter in the end of Rust and Golombok that tells you how to contruct a questionnaire - its probably viewable on googlebooks. Wal will probably have more.


Nice... So not worth buying a book specially for it?


hi sneaks, rebel
thanks for the book tip. Did a catalogue search on my uni website--and all standard loans are taken!
must be a good one

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well I bought the book, but if you want to save money then googlebooks is always somewhere to have a nosy around. There's a section on Andy Fields website about the statistics side of constructing a questionnare -


oh my, what a face on that website :-) :-) :-)
does he really look like this; who is this guy
I was clicking around, still not able to see his name
is it andy field?


De Vaus (2005) is a good book. Can't remember the title but stick the info into amazon. It's a blue book.
Also Oppenheim (sp?), a book about phrasing questions, likert scales etc.


Hello Rebel
The two texts that you could use are:

1  Oppenheim, A.n. 1992 Questionaire design, interviewing and attitude measurement. London: Pinter. ISBN 1-85567-044-5.  This provides the most comprehensive account of data colectons and anaysis processes that will see you well into the text below.

2 Hewson, C., Yule,P., Laurent, D. and Vogel, C. 2003. Internet research methods. London: Sage. ISBN 0-7619-5920-3. You should find answers to your question in chapter 5 ~ How to design and implement an internet survey.

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Hi Rebel,
Actually hoping to go out and do surveys amongst SMEs in the next two months, so this is applicable to my own research. Fair play for asking it.

Also, in terms of methodologies and justification, here's a good book, that while aimed at education, covers other areas too.
Cohen, L., L. Manion, and K. Morrison, Research Methods in Education. 2000, London: Routledge.