Book proposal - any tips?


Hi there fellow forum people, has any of you written a monograph from their thesis? I have been approached by a university publisher to turn mine into a monograph and I have just finished the proposal. I am sending it out to colleagues for feedback but also wanted to hear the forum wisdom if anyone has done so. My discipline is cultural/institutional/political history with a strong visual arts slant. My plan is not to change very much from the thesis itself as I wrote with a monograph in mind from the start but change the language from the slightly laborious that seems to be required for doctoral thesis into a more appealing style.


I think the major issue for book publishers (apart from your capacity to deliver a book and academic credibility) is what market the book will have. So have a good think about who would want to buy your book, and what you might to do to expand that pool.
There will probably be material in the thesis that will be of little interest to a wider audience as it was intended to satisfy the examiners. So it's not just about style.