Bored with it/getting over the hump


OMG I am so bored with my PhD right now. I am not a natural writer and preferred the data collection and reading bit. This part of getting it all wrote up just does not appeal to me arghhhh. I know I can do it and have one more year to go but I have no patience for revisions to chapters and now that's all that is ahead of me!!!!

One of the main reasons is my main supervisor is not really helping in developing my writing and rarely makes critical comment. The times they have given a critique I have made the changes suggested only for the other sup and internal to have issues with them and I find my original ideas were more along the lines of what they were looking for! Of course I haven't mentioned to them that it is the other Sup that suggested the changes but it's getting infuriating to write something, then have me change it for the others to have me change it back. . Any advice.

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Just wanna say I can empathize with you. Writing is boring. But there's no escape. We gotta just do it and then enjoy life again.


Hi wowzers, I totally understand you! Writing is like crunching a book :)

Also, I sympathize you regarding problems with supervisors. Sometimes people are egoistic, and we need to be as well. I find my 2 sup is more helping, and now I do see and consult my 2 supervisor much more than my first. Perhaps, my first sup is not bad (could be simply misunderstanding), but I often find their comments confusing or that I need to do more work and look at something else, whereas I often just need to finish what I already have (and my 2 sup helps with this). When my 2nd suggests something to do, I know that it will help.
I have started to use those writing services at uni. I found the right person (few others were useless), and have writing sessions with them. Surprisingly, they understand the research I do, and can help with structure, phrasing etc. Not only these sessions help international students, but any students. After a morning session with them, I am happy and energised.

So my advice is to be more selfish and use any strategy, which will be more efficient in your case.

Good luck!


The writing-up stage is where you earn the right to a PhD.


I know Barramack. Nothing worth doing in life is usually easy. Best dig deep and find the will ha ha