Brick and Mortar vs. On-Line PhD programs - Is there a difference in the quality?


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The internet is relatively new so there's scope for on-line education to gain more respect in the future. Right now, an "on-line PhD program" is not respected at all-- in fact it's just going to invite ridicule for the "degree holder". If someone put down on their CV that they have a PhD from a virtual university then the most likely response will be "how much did you pay for it?!"


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Very few people would argue against on-line courses being more accessible. However, in terms of pedagogy, surely one-to-one contact with a world-leading expert in your chosen field is preferable to contact mediated through some form of electronic communication? Is this not even more so with regards postgraduate research?

Ajyoakum – You seem to valorise ‘lived experience’ above and beyond research. Perhaps this is why you imply universities are not part of the ‘real world’? Parenthetically, while yes you are a professional in terms that you are paid employment. In terms of the sociology of professions, it is generally recognized that HRM is striving for professional status and not necessarily a profession as such.


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You said you would like to hear from the group as to its opinion regarding online education... I gave you mine... You retorted that my statement is biased.... Perhaps other people hold a different point of view... Irregardless, that's my opinion.

I can only hope for your sake when you aply for jobs in the future you are lucky to meet people as well informed as your good self.


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Whoo! A 6 figure job, eh? Would that be in Ugandan dollars? Otherwise, I surmise that you must been keen, really bloody keen, on the idea of personal development. Let me educate/personally develop you...:-)
Quality assurance for online PhD programs is really crap - ask Paul McKenna or Gillian McKeith. Just type 'online PhD' into Google and you'll see all the hits that pertain to how dubious online PhDs are. Obviously, frequenting such a site as this will mean that you already have the necessary skills to do such research for yourself, more thoroughly. Now, as was said, I'm not saying there isn't potential. I'm just saying that, unless you check out exactly where you'll be doing this online PhD, it can be dodgy. Choose carefully, if you're thinking about it.
Now this 6 figure job, which I see you make such a big job of's gone past 3 in the morning - shouldn't you be spending some of that wad weighing down those pockets of yours? Ladiez of the night? Coke? Philanthropy? You seem to make a BIG point of it, so why not show off in person? 'Individuals like me who will have both experience and education will be the ones to advance the field' - you wouldn't be a banker would you? Educashun and real world experience? What a catch you are, if you weren't such a 'cock' - as in self-assured male chicken. You carry on strutting your stuff. Erm, I'm sure people really admire you. (up)


walminski sure is perceptive! I was about to say the same thing (but with less wit). I suspect ajyoakum is not interested in opinions but rather reassuring him/herself that an "on-line PhD" is worth the paper it's written on, which it isn't. Of course in a corporate environment nobody will know better, but a PhD is an academic degree, so we'll gauge it by our academic standards and not by your corporate ones.

Ajyoakum, I suspect if you dropped your job and tried to get a real PhD degree you'd quickly drop your bigshot breadwinner attitude. Look around this forum and you'll find 90% of posts are from people verging on mental collapse from the challenges of their PhD -- that is called personal development, not sitting on your arse clicking around in a web browser getting a phony degree.


I'm thinking the OP is our perennial deletion troll! Hello again!


I sometimes make it a point to always 'quote' OP whose posts look like they're authored by trolls. (SOrry Sneaks, I think you said we shouldnt use the wrod troll too much lol)

But if posts are as mad (actually this person's responses were madder) then we forget quoting of course!

Ajyokaum or whatever you are called, you are very sad. We wish you the best.


Oh damn...I got here too late! I want to know what he said. :p Nevermind. Back to work.