Brrr.. Cold Working


There's a long story behind this which I won't go into but basically I have recently been deprived of my main workspace. With less than six months left to submit.
I am now juggling spaces "on loan" from friends and colleagues together with using the library. I'm starting to settle into a pattern and it's not too bad, though I could do without the hassle. A continuing problem however is that I AM COLD:-(
If I were in my own house I could say, stuff it, I'll turn the heating up.
If I'm in the library there are some warm-ish corners to be found (can't work there all the time though, I just have too many notes and annotated texts to cart back and forth everyday - it wastes time and leaves me starting the day feeling frazzled).
When I'm using other people's space, and they have kindly said that they don't want me to contribute to any costs because it's only for a little while and they know I'm skint, I cannot bring myself to put the heating on.
I have multiple jumpers and fleecy jackets, a flask, and thermal undies!
But my hands get really cold and my woolly fingerless gloves are too bulky for typing. My face gets cold too.
My other half thinks I may have some sort of circulation issue, but the fact is I'm not going to sort that now, I'm writing my PhD and I just need to be able to get through the next few weeks. When I get cold I feel miserable and demotivated -it's really the last thing I need.
What do you think I should do?
Any innovative ideas for keeping warm?


Dear Florence, Your name is uplifting as it remind me of the wonderful city.
I really feel for you. Working in this way is very tough, and it just adds to the pressure. Try a hot water bottle. Bring a flask of hot tea or coffee and keep it handy. Also, I am sure that your friends/ colleagues do not expect you to freeze in their office. Do turn the heating on, even if only for an hour, when you arrive, to remove the chill.
My office is warm, but its the size of a postage stamp, and I am litterally walking on photocopies ad books. It feels like a jail, especially now that I work all the time...and there is not remedy to this either... :-s


Hey...something which I always liked when I feel cold is a hot water bottle (not sure it is the exact fill it with hot water and it remains that way)...similar to this ... ... it keeps warm for very long and can keep you warm...maybe one to put under your feet or on your lap...good luck