Business card for conference?


I will be presenting at a conference later in the year (oral presentation) and I was wondering whether anyone has advice or an opinion on whether taking business cards with you is useful?
Normally when presenting a poster, I print out small A4 versions of the poster, (with my email address etc on)which people can take away, but now that I will be talking, that does not apply, so I was considering business cards (for use in conversations etc) - is it appropriate or over the top?


It's definitely not over-the-top and it always looks more professional than scribbling email/telephone numbers on a scrap of paper. You may have to check with your university as to whether you can use their official business cards or not. Alternatively, you can just get a non-affiliated card with your details on (Vista Print used to do freebie ones).


Hi - I don't think it is over the top and am planning to do the same although my uni doesn't want me to do official ones so I'm doing my own! Just wondered what you are going to put on them? Name, email and phone number of course but what about a description of your project and a title ("researcher"?)


Thanks for your comments.
I have just checked with the university guidelines, and it is possible for me to get uni business cards, but I am limited to what I can put on - basically the name, address, telephone number, email, title. As for the title I think i will use "PhD research student". But yes, I was considering adding a line/keyword on my research project/expertise and maybe add another non-uni email address (for after PhD life). So whilst I like the professional look (and logo) of the university business cards, they are a bit limited. I suppose the question is whether it is more important to be asscoiated with one's university/research group or as an individual with X interest/expertise?


I am a bit annoyed that I can't use the uni logo as I am not using my uni email either - as emails go it is a bit useless as it has the following characters in it: o01l (and people keep on getting it wrong as it doesn't actually spell anything!)


It's a really good thing to have and I am glad that I had some printed. I had mine done through vista print and they were cheap. I put my title as 'Postgraduate Researcher' so I didnt have to put student on it!


I think it would look better if you can get your university to print with their usual format of business cards. Not over to top to give your business card to someone; in fact I am sure that you will be asked by other conference attendees.


I call myself a PhD Candidate rather than a Postgraduate Researcher, as it sounds a step nearer to having a PhD and there's less possibility of mixing you up with Masters researchers. Having said that, I've never got around to doing business cards and am also guilty of being the type that scribbles contact details on bits of paper, but your post and the replies will definitely prod me into sorting myself out now, so thank you for that!


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So, if you've got a grant or stipend sitting in your account doing nothing - get in touch with me

Why say it with card, when you can say it with fresh air?


Business cards have their own importance on the business scenario, business cards are cards bearing business information about company or individual. If you are a business man, I suggested you never leave your home without business cards. Always make unique business card, add your business logo, or monogram.


lol walminskipeas. :-)


Hi Poppy,
well done on getting oral presentation at conference, thats brill!
I can't remember where in the PhD process you are, but I went to a conference at the end of my second year and took along some mini-CVs, if you have lots of things to impress folk with then I say go for it - there's alot of us out there and you have to stand out! (thats if you want a future in academia, which i'm assuming so if you looking at business cards). Its just a thought and definately good to have something like business card instead of scribbled postits, but if you're wanting to give extra info of key research areas etc, maybe a publication if you have one, or any other great things you can boast about that you've done then maybe a mini-CV would be good for this?

Good luck