Can I quit my PhD program and look for another one?


I came to UIUC thinking that it was the best option for me but while I am here I am not very amazed by the program, the first semester is over and I did very well in my classes and in my rotations and ended up joining a lab. The feeling of not being amazed by the program or probably noticing the reality of the faculties in terms of funding and things related have dragged me down in the sense that I am not even happy by being here. Sometimes I think about my future career and I do not think I will be able to have a very successful one being here. (Probably I am pretty naive by saying this and I apologize with you guys) (I am in molecular biology School)

I have been thinking about dropping the program and applying again to grad school in other universities, but when I evaluate that idea I think that I might not be able to get into admission because of this track record in my CV. I am an international student.

Also i would like to ask, do you think that ranking matters in terms of opportunities? New faculties vs old faculties?

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