Can I reject some Viva Corrections?


Sorry for my English it is my second language.

I pass my Viva in December and I have today received my list of corrections from the two examiner. I thought the viva went very well and all the concerns the examiners had were raised by them and I had answered them well.

We discuss what needs changing and where amendments would be necessary. I was happy as it seemed small, and the suggestions were very fair, it seemed mostly grammar and spelling.

The list of corrections I have today is very different to what they say in the viva. I see comments that were not even mentioned in the viva. Some even are not suggestions but just opinions, what am I supposed to do with this? You disagree? Ok. The data said this.

So my question is can I reject some corrections? At the end of the viva they say they have no more questions, but this is not true if they tell me these comments after. It seems the guys don’t want their opinion to be challenged and now use the opportunity to shut my work so they give me this list of correction and I have no option to now defend my work to them?

It seems like a bad intent move to withhold comments in the viva and then give them on paper later when I have no opportunity to defend.



Hi Teo,

I would strongly advise further assistance from your supervision team on this. I was asked to remove an entire chapter but I refused on the basis that it was necessary to ensure the full policy context could be understood by a reader who was not from Northern Ireland. After my viva corrections, the internal examiner had to go through and check that the list of corrections was completed. So you will need to bear this in mind too, before you are formally given your graduation date.

Good luck,