Can't motivate myself


I am second year phd student. My first year was amazing and i did a lot of work as soon as i joined the lab. However for the last 6 months i have been struggling to focus and motivate myself to work due to some personal issues. I am struggling even to get out of my bed. I just go the lab sit in front of my laptop and just stare out of the window until it's time for me to leave. My boss noticed this and he scolded me today as i have been missing my deadlines so much. I am just not able to focus. And when i tried to talk about this to my boss he stopped me in between and said he doesn't care and i should just leave this lab and find some other lab. I am just lost and don't know what to do anymore. I do not want to leave phd but i am struggling to get back on track.


Quote From Scottpierre:
I’m not yet a PhD student yet but would die to be in your seat. It seems like you need a philosophy for a mode of being. What you’re doing is taking yourself for granted but not only that you’re taking the lives of others for granted. The opportunity that you have is not something that can be easily obtained, the amount of people in evolution that bust their asses off for you to take the throne of your family hierarchy should not have been sacrificed for nothing. The problem is you need to get up and be useful again because that’s what the world needs you for. Don’t let your death be with apology and make your life as meaningful as it can get.

Come on, you're talking complete nonsense.

You have just posted a thread asking for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to get a PhD, and apparently don't have the motivation or wherewithal yourself to do the most basic research into the process.

If I were you I'd refrain from this kind of weird, grandiose posturing until you have the faintest idea of what you're talking about.


I’ve done my research, I’d love to hear other people’s experience because watching YouTube videos and speaking directly with people are two different levels of depth.

What you’re asking is not a subject specific question so my answer applies 1000% to this scenario. You’re asking how do I get motivated to do great again. My answer is wake up with a purpose of making your life meaningful because there’s no other choice. I have had those days where I was nihilistic but you must understand one thing, at least I inspire to be a minority college graduate with a PhD. I would wish to be in your shoes right now, why do you think I took the initiative to sign up for this forum. This is research itself.


Totally understand your defeat. I was feeling the same way recently, realised it was my confidence n imposter syndrome. I decide to build my knowledge, listened to some podcasts n ted tlks, and there’s this app that also helped. It summarises research publications into audio.
That’s the link. Hope this helps :)


Taking a few days break to do whatever you enjoy most, away from study and/or work sometimes help. The short period may allow one to reflect over things that may not have been going the way we desire as well as helping us to refocus. I will encourage you not to give up. Consider finding a way to contact your boss at the Lab, either personally or through someone still working at there. Let the boss understand that you were probably going through a lot at the time and asking for opportunity to get back to work. Working at the lab as you are progressing with your PhD is highly likely to boost your motivation the more.
Good luck