can u help me?? im in kind of a dilemma


hii folks,
im a post grad in biotechnology from india. had completed two years back. after that ive been workin in outsourcing lab exp to speak of....also most of my reference links are dead....nd ive got 60% in my pg..

the problem is i wanna do my phd abroad....

now lill bit positive things abt sure i can clear both subject and gen gres with not so bad that enough to get admission to gud labs??...

would be thankful if somebody can help me....i mean shud i try gre now?

else im plannin to do an mphil...will that help??..cant decide...


I'm tempted to ask for a transalation into English. Not withstanding that, self-funding it probably wouldn't be a problem.


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Hi, I think you should contact a few universities overseas with strong biotechnology departments and let them know that you have the qualifications and some work experience. They'll be able to advise you better. You may not need to do the GRE before doing a PhD (depending on where you want to study). Likewise, you may not need to do the MPhil either. Best of luck!