Can we change supervisor/university when doing a PhD?


I'm in my second year of PhD study now. I feel strongly that I am not the priority for my supervisor. And I don't expect him to reply to me quickly, but waiting for his reply is frustrating. He often said sorry to me for replying late; sometimes it was because he had stuff with his bachelor students, sometimes it was his family affair. The feeling that I am not his priority comes because he replied to the other professor when I was carbon copy in the email. And at the same time, he will reply to my email one week later.

I have finished my literature review for the first year two months before the deadline. I need his arrangement for an interview; the deadline is the end of this month. I sent him an email last week, but still, he didn't reply yet. Almost I need to wait 2 weeks for a reply...

I feel less supported, and I am not satisfied with my study and fundings. I am a self-funded student; I worked really hard to pay my fees. Sometimes I want to give up, but I feel sorry for the money and time I put in. And I really love doing my research.

I searched for the information to change university, but it seems less impossible. I will, in any way, just waste my first year. As my institute is quite small, I don't think I can change supervisor. I feel desperate to communicate with my supervisor. And I don't know how to talk with others about my problem. Because I don't want to create a bad image of him.

I will be appreciated if you could provide me with some advice.