Chances of getting on a PhD?


I am currently sitting an MEd in the UK and am on course for a Merit overall. In my original degree, I only got a 2:2 in my original degree. I am just wondering what my chances would be of securing a PhD place. Ideally, I would love to go to Canada or America to do a PhD, but my query is not necessarily country specific.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


Based on what you say I strongly doubt if anyone will be able to offer any concrete advice. You have not provided any indications of your subject area, why you want a PhD, any awareness of prospective supervisors/advisors, funding situations and much else!


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Cheers for the reply.

The subject area at which I am looking sits on the boundary of Education and Child / Developmental Psychology. I have not looked into supervisors yet. To be honest, I am really just trying to get an idea of whether it is possible to get on a PhD with the kind of grades I will have. Not applying this year, I just want an idea as to whether it is worth my while looking at a PhD next year.

I would like to do a PhD for 2 reasons:

1. there are a couple of areas which I have a real interest in and I have some good (at least I think so) ideas for research in these areas.

2. I want the challenge of getting up everyday, expanding my knowledge and getting the best out of myself.


That is a very popular field (I have family in that area). It depends whether you can self-fund or not. If you can fund yourself you might get a place but if you need funding you had better get a good masters to bridge the gap. My sister is self-funding a PhD in this area in the US and she had a 2.2 then merit at masters.