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I am looking for a phd in conservational ecology, but did not study it specifically, does this matter and how difficult is it to get a place in cambridge, what does it depend on?


it seems molecular and cellular biology, genetics, biotechnology as well as medecine and pharmacology have taken over behavioural and ecological sciences.
Sorry, as for colours, they are mostly studied in physics and optics or arts.


How likely is it to be accepted for a phd on a topic area not studied during the previous degrees?


How can i contact a supervisor saying I am interesting in its field of reasearch but with no specified topic for a project, especially because i am fairly new in this field, having studied slightly different, more general backgrounds, but have the interest to learn new things with the ability to adapt easily; does it matter?

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In the subject areas coverered by FindAPhD a supervisor will generally have one or more research projects for which he or she has funding. If you write expressing interest in their area of research they will tell you what, if any, projects they currently have available.


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