Changing universities halfway through PhD


I've had problems with my supervisors since I started my PhD 4 years ago. I've now got two and a half years left, part time, and one of my supervisors has been removed from my supervisory team for being screaming at me for no reason and refusing to admit it. The other one is the senior one but for various reasons I don't think he is a good supervisor. I also don't like the environment at the university I am at and I think it encourages the kind of behaviour that got my secondary supervisor removed. Has anyone here changed universities and would you recommend it?


Hey sorry to hear about all of it you are going through, but if it's not too much to ask can you please share the name of this university so that it would help people like us looking to apply in , plz.

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I haven't changed university or supervisor so I might not be the best person to answer this. However have you considered who you want as a supervisor at another university. You might be able to swap university but it sounds like you primarily need a better supervisor which you will not automatically get at a new university. I would consider what you need from your supervisor and start talking with other academics inside and outside your university.


Yes, that's what I'm thinking of dong. Broadening my network, it might be good to do that anyway.


I felt very much this way at the end of my second year of my PhD program.I went to graduate studies and my primary supervisor was removed and I was given another one who was much better. I still wanted to quit though so badly because there was a lot of other problems going on. This new supervisor sat me down and she asked me to give her a chance and told me not to make any hasty decisions and that I wasn't thinking straight.She gave me a couple of weeks off and she was so right I realised I hated the situation. My advice here is talk to the university see what else they can do for you and try meet other academics. The second I opened up and made an effort with them the more they helped the happier I was and my new supervisor was gained this way. What helped me was to create a boundary between my PhD life and the rest of my life. When I was home I hung out with non-PhD folk, I wouldn't think or work on the PhD at home. I spend some time trying to remember why I started the PhD in the first place