Christ on a Bike


13 days ago:

I ask the printers to print out the blessed thing for proofreading as now submission is only seconds away.

405 pages.

They bill me for 405 pages. I pay for 405 pages.

I parcel the 405 pages and send it to the proofreader who proofs it, and is about to post back to me.

Then the proofreader asks:"when are you sending in the last chapters?"

Me: "What last chapter, o proofreader, I sent you the whole document, including illustrations, and bibliography: 405 pages"
Proofreader: "No, it was 182 pages, stops like death in the middle of chapter 4"
Me: ... (cries).

So now.. I was planning to have all thesis checked, get on with a couple of intense days of correcting proofs and submit next week, instead I need to sort out additional printing, send it off to proofreader and wait longer.

I know it's minor but I am at the stage when I cannot stand the blessed thing anymore. I. just. want. to. submit.

I am also being considered for a lectureship and the selecting panel is asking nervously to all my referees passive aggressive questions along the lines of "WHEN is she submitting? We can't have her at our uni if she's not doing what she's supposed to do, i.e. submitting her blessed thesis"

Christ on a Bike.

That teaches me to check other people's work, so it does.
And don't tell me "we told you so" cause it doesn't help. I know I should have checked but I did not, I saw '405 pages' on the bill and took the delivery in good faith.

I am posting this here as a warning for you all: check other people's work. Do not assume that because you are a professional and you do what you are supposed to do that they will do the same.

Christ on a Bike.


Wait... you posted 405 pages but the proof reader only got 182?

Maybe they got bored half way through and pretended you only sent half?

Also, don't worry about this, really. Go ahead and submit. You can correct the typos after your viva.


I don't know as a proof reader I stayed at the persons house as they were super stressed about her final thesis. I got fed and watered, no money as she was my friend. Ps I told her to have the physical copy and the computer copy ready.


You could just proofread it yourself if you don't have time to send it to her? Like others have said, you can correct anything else afterwards anyway.