Coaching for PhD students


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Magdalena (although everyone calls me Maggie) and I'm a coach. I'm also a PhD student (last/writing up stage).

Based on my own experience and the experiences of others I can say with confidence that I can relate to those are working on their PhD research and I am familiar with the problems and concerns they are encountering along the way (I have been there too myself).
I have recently set up a support group for PhD students as part of my 'action research' (since I was teaching for 2 years I was very lucky to be sent to do the Teaching in the Higher Education course and 'action research' is one of my assignments). I will argue that the support group for PhD students only should be available at every University. It is supposed to function both as a peer support group, however, the presence of coach is to a great advantage. I intend to publish an article and with one of the fellow teachers write a report which would address the need for the kind of support for PhD students.

So first of all I would be happy to hear your views on the subject matter.

Would you be happy to participate in a group where you can openly talk about problems and concerns related to your PhD?
How important is the psychological support for you (in the process)?
Would you be happy to be coached within a group setting?

Thank you,


Ps. If you are going to share your views, problems and concerns you have encountered, please do let me know if you would agree if I used this information in my research (names/nicknames will be kept anonymous)