Combing a research job and a phd? how does it work?


Hi i am currently finishing off my final yr and i went for a talk about a phd. The supervisor then offered me a research job because of my experience n sed that i can take up a phd one yr later and combine the research job with the phd.

I am alittle confused as to how this would work in terms of timetabling my work? and was wondering if anybody has done this/is currently doing this/knows of anyone who as I wanted some advice on what i should do. the research tech job would involve working on the project with him and so would link in with the phd i suppose.

I am reli confused on this, what do you guys think i should do?


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I do this.And I do 9 hrs a week .. From July I ll do 20 hrs a week but that's other stuff...not research...

It's tough to manage and you may feel that. But then, you pull yourself together and look at the wonders it does to your CV.

Good luck


Hi Harmony,

I was a FT researcher for nearly 4 years between MSc and start of PhD. Therefore, when I was at the end of my first year, I was in the right place, right time , to take a Pt research job at a different Uni on an unconnected project. I work 5.5 hours per week. I am still doing this project - been ongoing for 6 months now and it is heating up, so to speak so I'm working a bit more than the contracted hours. I find it an excellent means of additional income - it is much more lucrative than a bar job for example. I am in a discipline at Uni where I have not experience of the subject so I'm unlikely to get demonstrating jobs (hasn't happened yet - 1.5 years into PhD) and I have contact with patients which will look very good on my CV. It is sometimes difficult to juggle - but it just means being more organised. I think you should take it as the supervisor wouldn't have offered you it if they didn't think you could do it. Perhaps it'll be easier for you that it'll link into your PhD. However, make sure you and your supervisor decides on what is research job and what is PhD research or you may find you've bitten of more than you can chew. Communication is key to balancing these demands. Good luck


I work part time on a Government project one day per week. The only problem I feel is the incredible guilt of not working on my PhD when everyone around me is. But, after eight years of academic work...I should probably get over this insecurity.

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