Conclusion Chapter :(


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Hi Guys,

I did my viva and got minor corrections, one of these corrections is a short conclusion chapter (about 5 pages). My issue is, what to include in this chapter. It is a mathematics PhD and I dont know whether I should just include my final result for each of my findings and conclude or talk the reader through how i get to my result (which i think is basically re-writing the thesis again), i dont want to sound repetitive.

I thought of doing this
-results(without putting alot of equations in again)
-a conclusion on each of the results
-scope for future work

Anyone any advice/tips?



What you think to include seems fine to me. My supervisor always says that in a science PhD, first you say what you will do, then do it, then say what you just did. It sounds boring and repetitive, but this is pretty much what the reader expects.

I would also advice you to stay away from the thesis for a while, then re-read it and write the take-home messages. Don't include too much detail, I assume they want to see the bigger picture.

Well done so far!


I did my PhD in Physics and my conclusion chapter was basically about 4 pages long split approxiamtely equally into conclusions and future work. The conclusions part was essentially a summary of the conclusions from the end of each chapter. The future work section then said what I thought should be done to follow on from my work, new experiments, new models and new areas it may be applicable to.


Thanks! I stick with this plan and hope they like it :-)