Conference editor managed to mess up my paper!


A paper of mine has been accepted by a conference proceeding and they have submitted the paper to a leading digital online library (e.g. ScienceDirect). I checked last week and the paper has been accepted by the library but the figures and some of the wordings are all messed up!

Before the conference proceeding submitted the paper, I noticed some of the figures were already misaligned and some of the wording are also jumbled up because of the poor editing by the editor. I notified them regarding the matter and it seems that they didn't do anything about it and just submitted it to the library.

I read after you've submitted it to an online digital library, you can't do anymore changes! But the paper is so messed up that I feel so embarrassed by this situation!

Any advice? : (


Sorry to hear this about your paper. If the version posted online isn't a true representation of the original version presented at the conference, I would send a new, correct version of the paper to the editor and the publishing company (e.g. ScienceDirect) and ask that the one online version is replaced with the correct version or completely withdrawn. Last month, my most recent journal article went online, showing my home (instead of institutional) address. One week after requesting both the journal editor and the editorial manager to look into this matter, nothing happened. So, I wrote them both asking that the article is completely withdrawn. The article was immediately taken down, corrected, and then put back online. Happy days! You need to be very firm. Your publications constitute your academic identity and image. Editors and publishers have a duty to get it right. It doesn't even put them in good light to publish poorly edited papers.