Conference paper... aaaarghhhhhh!


I'm writing a conference paper and it's the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. It's driving me mad. I can't do anything else until this is done. I feel like breaking things.

I think I am overwhelmed by the fact that, despite the fact that I'm in my third year, it feels like my first properly international conference because I'm going to Mexico to give the paper. Also, my funding has only just been confirmed meaning that I have less than 5 minutes to write it.

I did do a paper on this topic two years ago but I've done most of my interviews since then so I have to include them and my writing style has changed completely, although it's getting to the point where I'm just going to have to fluff it up and send it off.

Thanks for reading my rant...


...and sorry about all the 'facts'


GOOD LUCK! What an achievement when it's done!


Oh please can I come to.....?


Yep... come along, oral historians are very friendly.


I always find myself doing frantic rewrites in the hotel room the night before. Mexico sounds ace, though! Maybe wait til you get there and see if you can do last minute revisions with a margarita?!


I hope you're talk is early in the conference so that you can totally chill out for the rest of your visit. Kind of spoils it if you're on last.


I've never presented at a conference where I've had to submit the paper so far in advance. I usually just rock up with my Powerpoint on a USB stick and I've probably edited it the night before, like you say. Sometimes I've had to send it a few days before but this is probably one of the things that's been freaking me out.

Still, I'm almost there with the paper. And, yes, please let's get it over and done with at the beginning. I'm hoping to go out a day early so I can at least adjust to the climate (next to the pool!) before I have to start the conference.


Not to worry, I have a conference in Copenhagen coming up and my paper in my opinion is just awful but im on nice and early, first session first day so Im gonna get it done and dusted and relax.
As much as u can relax at conferences....