Conference papers Vs Journal papers???


Hi there,

Are journal papers seen as more valuable/prestigious than conference papers?

I'm aware that this might be something that varies per discipline. I'm in the social sciences - qualitative psychology more specifically. I'm just over half way through a 3 year PhD studentship and so far have only been named on one published paper in a journal. There is another soon to be submitted and I have the data to submit another 2 but as of yet there is only one out there with my name on.

Regarding conference papers, I've presented posters at 3 big annual conferences in my field and papers at 3 smaller conferences. I'll also be presenting my first paper at a big annual conference later this year.

So in summary, I have few journal publications but lots of conference presentations under my belt (relative to my career status).

What are others thoughts on how these two things compare? Do post-doc employers value journal papers a lot more than conference presentations or not?




Generally yes publications are more valuable than conferences, especially if you're looking to get a postdoc or fellowship. That is the case for the social sciences.

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Conference presentations are good to have on your CV, but publications are what really count! (especially if you're first author).


It's the same in humanities. Conference papers are good for experience and networking, but generally little use for career advancement purposes. It's journal papers that count.


Thanks a lot for all of the great advice. I think I will start to prioritise getting a few more papers out there now!