Conferences - should I submit abstract without consulting anyone?


I have done few presentations in my dapartment and have abstracts of those written out and checked over. I feel like I would like to present at a conference and do some traveling (even if it's still within the country only) and there are couple of conferences next year that I could possibly present at. I'm thinking of going ahead and submitting an abstract without consulting my supervisor. She just has very outdated views (such as that PhD students shouldn't present at conferences) and I don't feel like talking to her about this. Also, if I get rejected I don't want anyone to find out :)

Do you think this is ok to do?


I send everything through my supervisor, but that's based on the fact she's fantastic and enthusiastic. I know at least two of her PhDs who agree with me but still choose not to pass things to her, Their argument is that papers can be a pretty personal thing, and an opportunity to really push ideas that the supervisor may not agree with. I really don't think it's a problem to go it alone. it's just a shame you feel you have to!


And if your abstract gets rejected noone but you is notified right?


yes, the e-mail about acceptance/rejection is sent to you only.


My old supervisor would have said: 'you don't have enough time to do that!' So I sent abstracts without telling her, then I told her when I got the acceptance. It worked fine.


I don't think you have anything to worry about. I sometimes submitted abstracts then informed people afterwards. You don't even have to tell anyone. As AnnieG says, you will name yourself as the corresponding author. Even if there are other authors in your submission, responses will be sent only to you.

It's a shame your supervisor has outdated views. While she may have reservations about PhD students presenting, she should realise there are other things you can benefit from, such as learning how to put a conference abstract together and about the submission process.

Does she have similar views about PhD students getting published?


Ok submitted my first ever abstract. Wish me luck
I'm about 99% sure I will get rejected but since I haven't told anyone I'm not worried about it.

Does anyone know how long does it usually take to hear back from conference people?


Sorry to post the only negative reply...!

If you are the sole author then you are probably ok to submit without permission. If, however, you have submitted the abstract with your supervisor as a co-author then that is potentionally a problem (as you should have got their approval first). If there will be expenses associated with you going to the conference (which you will presumably need to if your abstract is accepted) then I think you should have checked with your supervisor first too. Hopefully it will all work out though, good luck!!


I didn't use my superivisors name and already have an idea on how to do go about funding, our department offers some support for traveling expenses.

Yeah I slightly regret not consulting anyone now and am almost more worried about telling people if my abstract gets accepted than if it just gets rejected - and I don't have to say anything.