Confusion between "framework" and "guidelines" - Is there a difference between the two?


Hi Guys,

I'm a Computer Science student with a quick terminology question. For my thesis, I have developed what I have termed to be a "framework", comprising of a set of recommendations resulting from the research, and a table of other information. This

My supervisor feels that the term "framework" may be a too strong for what I have done. I was wondering the difference between the terms "guidelines" and "framework" in scientific means. Do they mean the same thing?



Hi Friendlyface,

I know that in medical areas the common terms used are protocols and guidelines. Protocols you must follow, while guidelines are more a guide, where your clinical judgement is considered to be important regarding the final decision. As such a guideline is usually more acceptable.
I do not know explicitly where "framework" would be positioned.
Is this of help?


Thanks for this Rick. I'm pretty sure what I have is not a protocol. I will post a more definitive answer about framework vs guidelines if I can find it.