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Audio to Text Transcriptions transcription is the process of converting the audio files, dictation, speeches etc into word transcripts. Now a day’s, audio Transcription Services is very much needed in all fields, especially in education, healthcare, journalism etc.
In the education sector, schools, colleges, universities need audio transcription service for transcribing research interviews, Lectures etc. The audio transcription is very much useful for students who have hearing impaired.

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There is always the debate raised about the effectiveness of new age technology compared to the traditional manual ways of performing tasks. Like they say its better to settle for the devil you know than to opt for the angel you don't know. Does this rule apply to voice recognition software for audio transcription?

The voice recognition software has gained popularity for small scale transcription requirements. The software can pick up speech patterns and document the verbalized words to text. The software has the capability of performing basic tasks which the user instructs it to perform using verbalization pick up patterns. Some of the tasks which the software can execute include; accessing menus, locating files and recording spoken word in text format.

Businesses and professionals commence their business transactions with the verbalization of contracts. A number of organizations now record business meetings and telephone calls for future reference. While these recordings can serve the intended purpose, which is to archive information; text documents are still the most preferred documentation method. Businesses seek transcription services in order to convert their audio recordings to text documents.

With the introduction of voice recognition software in the market; a number of businesses picked up the device to carry out their transcription needs. While the software offers convenience and can record audio to text as required; there are still several limitations when it comes to using voice recognition software for audio transcriptions.

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What are the best Mp3 converters out there?!
The whole world is leaning towards making the technical space a whole lot more comprehensible and easier to work in for the common man. Terms like converting digital audio formats are now thankfully, no longer the exclusive domain of that techie guy with oversized specs!
It is Mp3 all the way!
The Mp3 format is as popular, non fussy and widely used as Google. And just like Google everybody wants a slice of its pie. With a million formats available it is one happy jumble and it is the humble MP3 that keeps the house in order. Being compatible with all players and the high compression it offers, has made everybody who is anybody an avid fan of Mp3.
Let’s cut to the chase!
Ok now, coming back to what we are here for, you have a recording in a format you don’t know the expansion of and want to convert it into the erstwhile Mp3. No sweat! There are myriad Mp3 converters out there and the best news is that most of them are free! Here we list three converters that are most commonly used.
Switch audio file converter: If you have a huge array of audio and video files and looking for a freeware that can handle a rainbow of audio formats, the switch audio file converter can be just what the doctor ordered! It can convert up to twenty one digital audio formats and can even separate and extract the audio portion of your video footage! So if you want to convert your video files into the Mp3 format, this could be just what you need!
Koyote free Mp3 WMA converter: We don’t blame you if you haven’t heard of this one. But this teeny weenie freeware can convert all major audio formats and you can convert your ogg, aac, wma files into Mp3 without a fuss here.
Free Mp3 WMA converter: Is another popular converter and is as plain and no nonsense as its name. It has a dedicated fan following due to the simplicity and user friendliness it offers much like the Mp3 format!

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I do agree Transcriptwave. These software can reduce your work and time both but sometime cause more problems because of wrong transcription. Manual work is always better than these software. That’s why I always prefer to use speech to text services instead of software.


Wow! I never though that there are lots of option when it comes to converting audio to text. All I know is which I have been using their services for almost a year now. So far so good. No complaints about their work rate and accuracy.

A audio to text converter can convert mp3, mp4 and Youtube clip to text. This tool use Google Speech API and has internal player. It can insert time stamps automatically in the transcription.